About this project

This project started a couple of years ago, when I decided to give it a try with Ubuntu.

The radical way. I threw away my windows system and installed Ubuntu on my pc.

If you are new to this and interested, the following manual helps you through the process:

How to install the newest Ubuntu release using a bootable USB stick

The goal was to create a website where I could write about my experiences with Linux as a total beginner.

I decided I wanted to run a few websites from my own server and started creating a manual about how I set up my VPS.

How to install a VPS with Ubuntu Server 14.04

Then I added step by step all of the information needed to get started, like how  to configure a webserver:

Configuring your webserver (Apache2)

Or how to add a new user to your vps:

How to add a new user to your vps

Then I I installed wordpress:

Install wordpress on your VPS

So far, on my vps I run 3 different wordpress sites and the main site is voodoospace.

I created 3 different users for each project.

And last but not least I also wrote a manual about how to back up your wordpress site and how to restore it when things go wrong.